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Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra

Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra
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Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra, a highly skilled healthcare practitioner, is equipped with a Doctor of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences (DDNS) degree. Her focus on Clinical Dietetics, combined with her role as a Health Coach, reflects a commitment to holistic well-being. Dr. Zahra's approach blends academic rigor with practical insights, providing comprehensive consultation for individuals seeking personalized health guidance.

Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra stands out as a distinguished healthcare professional, holding a Doctor of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences (DDNS) degree. Her journey in healthcare is marked by a specialization in Clinical Dietetics, emphasizing her commitment to promoting health through personalized dietary interventions. In her role as a Health Coach, Dr. Zahra brings a unique perspective that combines academic excellence with practical experience. Her approach to consultation is characterized by a holistic understanding of nutrition and its impact on overall well-being. Dr. Zahra's dedication to guiding individuals on their health journey positions her as a valuable asset in the field of dietetics and nutrition sciences.

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Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra, with a Doctor of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences (DDNS) degree, serves as a Consultation Clinical Dietitian and Health Coach. Dr. Zahra’s expertise lies in the intersection of dietetics and nutrition sciences, allowing her to provide comprehensive and personalized guidance to individuals seeking improved health and wellness.
In her role as a Clinical Dietitian and Health Coach, Dr. Syeda Anum Zahra combines her academic knowledge with practical experience to offer tailored consultations. Her commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and nutritional well-being underscores her dedication to the overall health of her clients. Through her guidance, Dr. Zahra plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals to make informed dietary choices for optimal health outcomes.